The Mart by author DJ Geribo

Finally, my long awaited 7th Novel, "The Mart" is now available for purchase!

This was a long time coming. So much time to write it but then the editing and coming up with a final product was more than a year in the making. Yes, editing. That is where writers spend all their time, or should since the first draft is just a draft and so far from a finished product. Read and write and rewrite and read again and again and again until you are so sick and tired of reading this book that you just want it done before you take it and burn it and delete it from your computer never to be seen again! But seriously, that is how I felt several times and I'm thinking I'm not alone in this.

But it is done and I'm so happy I made the decision not to crash and burn but read it and re-read it one more time. Just one more time. Give it one more read through and then it is done. Now it is done. And now, finally it is done. 

And it is! Enjoy and please give your reviews wherever you can. If you liked the book, please tell your friends. And maybe they'll tell two friends, and so on. 

Thank you for your support!