Althought it might seem like I wrote my next book, "Deep Lake House" in weeks since it has been only a few weeks since my last book "The Mart" came out, I was working on "Deep Lake House" while "The Mart" was going through final edits and reviews. So it took the better part of  2023 and the first two months of 2024 to complete it. I guess you could say I'm on a roll! Or, as my writing friend, Nancy, likes to say, I'm on fire! Which is appropriate for me since I am an Aries which is a fire sign!

My husband and biggest fan as well as my editor and publisher and everything to do with my book once it is written and I pass it over to him, put the seed of an idea into my head. I took it and ran with it. When I told him what I was doing, he said, oh, that isn't what I meant. But I guess my muse had other plans for the book (see dedication when "Deep Lake House" comes out.) 

I also put, in the acknowledgement in the book, a thank you to Nancy who, without her idea to check in with each other when we've completed our commitment to ourselves (I was writing 1000 words 3 days a week), I most likely would still be wasting time in other ways, not related to writing. But I got this book done and I'm feeling so proud of my accomplishment. I have so many books that are in various stages of completion and know that they will not finish themselves unless I focus on sitting down and doing the work. By the way, "Deep Lake House" is book #8.

And now, onto book #9!