This is where I get to sound off on anything and everything that isn't necessarily related to writing (although it could be). In other words, What I Have to Say About....

At this point in my life, I have written seven books (and illustrated two of them, also). And I have two other completed novels that are in the editing stages. But, I wonder, who besides close friends and only a couple of my family members (I’m including cousins, too) know about or are interested in purchasing any of them. But there are young people, twenty-somethings, who are debut authors and are on the Today Show, selling, I can only imagine, thousands of copies of their books. How does this happen?

Over the years, I have set up weekly goals that I write down in a notebook, to keep me on track. I feel more productive when I can check off things I accomplished in a particular week, even if the week included vacuuming and mopping floors, a couple of my least favorite chores. One of my favorite quotes is: "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, just not as it applies to me." And since I do not have a housekeeper visiting to take care of my housecleaning, those chores are mostly mine to do. 

Having just finished writing/editing/publishing my 7th book, I wonder what it takes to get people to purchase and read them? And when I'm talking about 'people', I'm not talking about the masses because, obviously, they know nothing about me. What I wonder about is family - the people who are related to me, who maybe grew up with me, who shared the same relatives, or who are related to my husband in some way.

I know a few people in my age range but, not surprising, or maybe surprising to some, we have very different goals. The majority of these people are spending their days reading, relaxing, moving to FL, golfing, playing other games, watching a lot of TV, and traveling. But for some reason I have a very different agenda. I write.

I’ve been reading so many articles, in so many magazines, about the countless number of books that people are trying to ban. Even to the point where they just want to completely shut down the library. Have we gone mad?