Back Cover of The Mart by DJ Geribo

We just received two copies of "The Mart" that Jim and I will completely look through and make whatever last minute changes need to be made. Although tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I know Jim and I will be spending most of the weekend reading through "The Mart" ONE FINAL TIME!!! It is always suprising to me the little mistakes or edits that can be missed, no matter how many times we read through the book. And I don't even remember how many times I've read through the book, making edits along the way each and every time. 

But that is what editing is all about. Writing the novel is the easy part, reading and re-reading and editing is where you spend most of your time. But any author knows this. It is good to remind the general public, who may be interested in buying a copy of your book, exactly what is involved in writing a novel. Which is why I cherish all of my books so much - I know what each author went through to get it to print.

This book is different for me since our usual printer, located a 2-hour drive away, is no longer printing our books. The last time we printed one of my books, end of 2021, the price per book was reasonable. When we looked for pricing for "The Mart", the price per book had doubled, which would make it impossible for us to sell my book in a bookstore because they want such a larger discount. "The Mart" can be purchased from Amazon using their print-on-demand services. 

I am hoping to receive some feedback on this book and any of my other books that you may have read, either from our BBD Publishing website, my DJ Geribo website, or on my Amazon page. And thank you for your support!