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New Year Resolutions or Goals?

For many years now, I have written out my goals for the new year. I don't refer to them as 'resolutions', I refer to them as goals since they are actually chores or activities or accomplishments I definitely want to do. My list is long; it seems to grow longer each year! But it is full of all the wonderful things I still want to do in my life. Of course, a lot of them revolve around writing and still a few around painting. And then there is the 'self-improvement' category and also the house-projects, etc.

It seems that resolutions are made to be broken. It is almost a standing joke with people and many will talk about resolutions that they made at the beginning of the year but by February they are long forgotten and now they can laugh about it. Of course, this is when there is a surge of sales where people buy treadmills and other workout machines that soon become a place where they throw their clothes when getting ready for bed.

But for me, my goals are something I refer to monthly to keep me on track with the things I want to accomplish through the year. If along the way something that seemed important at the beginning of the year doesn't seem quite so important half-way through, I can change my goals and put my focus on another area. They are my goals and I never feel like I have failed if at the end of the year I have not completed all of them. Usually that means that something else happened, often in my personal life, that was more important to me (had opportunities to visit with family or friends, for example).

My thanks to my friend Kitty who so many years ago asked me 'Did you write your goals?' So, yes, Kitty, I did and still do after all these years!

Mini Animal Portraits

only $55

Artist DJ Geribo will paint an acrylic 5"x7" portrait (unframed) of your cat, dog, or bird (or your favorite pet whether it is a pig, a horse, or a turtle) for you or to give as a gift.

These mini animal portraits (see examples above) are created in DJ's impressionistic style and will look beautiful framed or sitting on a mini easel (easels are available for $3 each.)

A mini animal portrait makes a great gift, for birthday, anniversary, or other special event.

Current Special Offers

DJ's 5x7" unframed paintings are only $39 each*
Above are some examples of the 5x7" paintings that are available at the special price of $39.
 Add a display easel for only $3
*Plus $3.95 S&H
Most of the artwork on my website is for sale.  I use PayPal to process your purchase safely and securely.

If you have any questions about a particular piece of artwork, just contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Geretis! (Lithuanian for "Enjoy")


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The House at the Top of the Trees is now available for purchase!!!

Nat and Devon love riding their bikes more than anything else. But on this day, the road they've ridden on so many times before takes them to a place they never could have imagined. Is it a kid's paradise or a prison from which there is no escape?

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Upcoming Events

2018 Holiday Shows

If you aren't signed up to receive my quarterly newsletter, you may not have seen the shows I am currently participating in during the Holiday season. So, here they are:

November 03 - Granite State Choral Society -
Holiday Show

9 - 3pm - Rochester Community Ctr, 150 Wakefield St., Rochester, NH

November 23, 24, 25 - Castle in the Clouds   Holiday Show
10 - 4:30pm - 455 Old Mountain Rd., Moultonborough, NH

December 01 - Prospect Mountain High School - Holiday Show
9 - 2pm - 242 Suncook Valley Rd (Rte 28),  Alton, NH


All of these shows are free to the public. Come in and do your holiday shopping! Only 63 days until Christmas!!!! Yikes!! Stop by to say "Hi!" and purchase my latest book, or a mini original piece of artwork, or commission me to do an animal portrait. Don't wait until the last minute!