A sweet book with lots of illustrations throughout, the softcover book will delight young and old alike. A story like nothing you've ever read, Mouse Bound is based on an experience that DJ has had many times with the mice that "visit" her studio.

Told from the mouse's perspective, JoJo Scurry, the hero in the story, is a determined little mouse who will do whatever it takes to get back to his comfy home in the basement of the biggest house in the neighborhood. JoJo will encourage and inspire you with his strong will and polite attitude as he employs the assistance of  other critters to help him on his journey home. Of course, there is danger on his way as well that tests the little mouse's bravery. Cheer JoJo Scurry on as he runs for his life to reach his home.

softcover, 58 pages  $10.95