Waiting His Turn painting by DJ Geribo

It has been about 6 months now since I finished writing my latest novel, "The Mart". But it still is more than a month away from publication. What is the hold-up? My husband, who is the publisher of my books, and my editor, also has his own business. And right now, he's busy. That means everything else gets put on hold. Including my novel. 

So, what to do? Right now, I'm at his mercy. But, going forward, I will be in the market for an editor and a publisher. I'm working on several other novels at this time, ones that I've been working on over the past few years. And it is time for me to make the move. I know he means well but as soon as he makes a promise to me he has to break it when one of his clients demands his attention (they pay him, I don't). 

With this novel, my 7th book, I wait. But with any luck, my next novel, #8, will be out right on schedule. My schedule!