You've heard it before but it definitely deserves repeating. Books DO make the greatest gifts that literally last a lifetime! So did you receive an item of clothing that you already outgrew? Or did you receive a gift of perishibles that were eaten before the new year even started? Or maybe you received a piece of technology and we all know how fast those items become obsolete. But a book never goes out of fashion. Just think about the classics that are read in schools/colleges today. 

So before you finish all your shopping, or if you just can't think of a gift for your sister's 4-year old, or your aunt Susan who loves to read, think about buying a book, and helping out an author. I'll even personalize it by signing it to the person you are gifting it to. 

Books are gifts that last a lifetime! I have books for the 4-year old "Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green" and a cute book about a mouse, "Mouse Bound". I have a book for middle-grade children "The House at the Top of the Trees". And I have a couple of books for your aunt Susan  "Seven Storied Houses" and "Me and Them". And I thank you for your support!