Lone Duck painting by DJ Geribo

This is a topic I’ve been considering and finally decided to write about the kinds, or genres, of books that people like to read. I had a roommate who I’m pretty sure read every mystery writer out there. Some people like the horror and thriller writing of Stephen King and have read all of his work (that would be my husband!) Then there are the sci-fi enthusiasts reading Ursula Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov as well as romance readers, following closely the work of Kristin Hannah, Nora Roberts, Jo Jo Moyes plus so many others.

My favorite genre to read is, I suppose, the kinds of books that I like to write. Stories about real people and the real situations they find themselves in. There might be some romance, of course, and maybe even a little mystery, too. But an overall touchy-feely type of book where people get hurt, are sad, divorced, die of a broken heart, or in love with the wrong person. You know, just like in real life. Unpredictable and challenging. Indifferent and heart-broken. Suicidal and love-starved. Well, maybe not so much suicidal, but the others are all legitimate.

I recently started reading a novel by Anne Lamott called “Rosie”. Best known for her valuable teaching book for writers, “Bird by Bird” is a classic that every writer must read. As I searched for other books by Lamott, I found, surprisingly, mostly books about faith. Not a religious person myself, I hesitate to purchase any book that can be preachy since I don’t consider that kind of book entertaining and anything I would consciously choose to read, unless I was curious about a person’s strong faith and where it comes from. But after just one chapter, I’m really enjoying “Rosie” and would love to read others like it.

I also really enjoyed “Swamplandia!” the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Karen Russell. Not only does a good story impress me, but also a book that is chock full of creatively descriptive scenes, using a vocabulary that brings out the green monster in me while also inspiring me to build my own better vocabulary.

What’s your favorite kind of book to read?