Chipmunk Baby Peeking painting by DJ Geribo

The last book I published is a collection of memories called “Me & Them.” Since it is about my memories as a child, I hope that it will help others to remember their childhood and write down the stories that have stayed with them over the years. The stories I wrote, although some are filled with sadness, many focus on the humor and fun memories of my childhood. At the time I’m sure many of the memories were stressful or upset me, but looking back now, I can see so much humor in them. And whatever sadness or pain I may have felt at the time no longer has power over me.

I hope readers tell their own stories about their childhood and are at a point in their lives to find the humor. Holding on to anger or sadness cannot be good for your heart. But finding humor in many situations and remembering the event so many years later can only lighten the burden you carry around. That was then, this is now. Let go of whatever pain you felt when you were a child. And be happy you are no longer in that situation. You made it through. Now enjoy your life as an adult and pass those lessons onto whoever in your life can benefit from it. We all have our pain. Let yours be a thing of the past that no longer controls you.

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