To continue with my notes on WPM (The Writer's Portable Mentor), I'm reading through the second chapter and again, I liked her idea about keeping a Lexicon (your own specialized dictionary) of words that are "juicy and hot". I have been collecting words for many years using a variety of notebooks. From Word Smart, to 30 Days to a Better Vocabulary, and on and on, my vocabulary has grown (but don't ask me where those notebooks are). And I know that reading a lot will definitely improve your vocabulary and build a strong core of words to use when writing.

But, again, Priscilla Long is suggesting vocabulary building a little differently from what I'm used to doing. Look for words that have to do with the color blue and look for words that you would come across while visiting a museum. She is helping you build vocabularies by subject so when you are writing about a particular topic or character, you will have an abundance of words to use that relate specifically to that topic. As Ms. Long says, "every craft, profession, job, and trade has a lexicon."

Find concrete words (these are words that can be perceived through a sense organ). Concrete words make writing more visual. Where to find these words? Get yourself a big dictionary and use it!