It finally happened. The Siamese twins have been separated. My Author website has its own home now (, separate from my Artist website (which is now I'm thrilled to have the two separated, even though to me they very much belong together. But as for the internet, it makes more sense and will strengthen each and get me more traffic (I hope) in each separate category.

 So when someone is searching for DJ Geribo, Author, it won't be diluted by DJ Geribo, Artist. And vice versa. Each will be strong and stand on their own for what they each represent: me as an author and me an an artist. Hopefully I'll get more traction out there with each being separate. Not exactly sure how a lot of that works but when my internet architect guy (Jim) throws words like 'traffic' and 'ratings' at me, I mostly just nod. So glad I have him to set everything up for me so that it all works the way it is supposed to!