Regal Turkey Vulture painting by DJ Geribo

Another Newbury Medal winner, I loved this book. When I first started reading Holes by Louis Sachar, I had so many questions: What kind of a place is this? Are parents really aware of the way the kids are treated? And why are they spending all day in the hot Texas sun digging holes?

So I kept reading, knowing that my questions would all soon be answered. And they were. But the story that unfolded was wonderful and disturbing at the same time. I'm also always intrigued when a story within a story is revealed. Oftentimes you don't know where the story is going but soon the pieces all fall in place and the inner story brought it all together.

"Holes" had so much in it that I loved and some, not so much. There were friends and bullies, honesty and lies, heroes and cowards. And all of this was experienced by Stanley, aka Caveman, while he was at Camp Green Lake. A film was made of the movie and it, too, is very well done.

I rate "Holes" 5 out of 5 stars.


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