She was falling in love, she knew it and there was no stopping it from happening. They had been together for a little more than six months now and she was thinking he would be asking her to move in soon. She wanted to wait, not to rush into anything, but she knew deep down that she would say ‘yes’. The only drawback, if there was a drawback, was the amount of time he spent away. But he was in sales, and that is what people in sales did. They traveled, a lot. Sales technology to be exact, ie, big bucks! That meant, with her measly salary as an editor they would be able to buy a home soon after marrying and then have children and a beautiful home in the suburbs with their son and daughter going to the best schools, but she was getting ahead of herself. Way ahead!

She hadn’t even met his parents yet. But that was going to happen tonight. They were finally going out to dinner with ‘mom and dad.’ He had already met her mom – her dad would have loved Jeremy. It was times like this that she really missed her dad. He had an intuition about people that she always relied on. She really could use his help with this since, as her dad told her many times, 'you make too many decisions with your also need to use your head.'

Jeremy was a man’s man, but also a ladies' man. Not in the way that he flirted with women but that women looked at him, and she could see, even if he couldn’t, or so he said, that they lusted after him, also. He was a very handsome man. Almost too good to be true, really. She would ask him again and again, why aren’t you married? And he would say the same thing again and again, “I was waiting for you.” Ah yes, the perfect man, so attentive, so charming, so loving, when he was around. Again, the one flaw, if there was any to be found.

Continued in next installment.....