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Art Apart — Vol. 1 / Issue 6

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Although the calendar says it is summer, those of us who live in the northeast would have to think hard to remember a day or two that have felt like the hot, sticky, sweaty days that we remember as summer. As I sit here writing this newsletter, I have on long jeans and a long-sleeved shirt over a t-shirt. All the windows are closed and I'm tempted to turn the heat on! And if one person mentions that it is dry this summer, I think I'll scream! Now that I've vented, I can continue with my good news — my gallery is open for business! I opened the last Saturday of June, now that I think of it, Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, summer day, and I opened the gallery on Sunday, too. And then I closed for several days due to rain, rain, and more rain. But we still have several months of summer and I'm being optimistic. I'm happy to announce that I completed an 18x36 painting of a scene in Zion National Park that I've been working on for quite some time — it is featured below and you can see it on the home page of my website And I started an 18X24 painting that should be completed in a couple of weeks. I haven't started a 30x40 painting yet — these things take time. I'm searching through my photos to find something that will appeal to me for the entire time it will take to complete it, which could take several weeks or months. And the Life Drawing group I formed is still going strong. We meet twice a month at the home of one of the participants. We've had from 4 to 10 people join our group. I'm really enjoying this life drawing exercise and the experience I'm getting drawing from life. I look forward to the group continuing for years to come.

New Paintings

Canyon Colors - Original Oil Painting by Artist DJ Geribo
Canyon Colors / 18"X36" / oil on canvas
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Green Art — "Cash for Trash"

When I was a young girl, growing up in a triple-decker just outside of Boston, we often didn't have much money, especially when my father was an unemployed tailor and before he got a job working for the US Postal Service. Most of the time, if I wanted to buy anything, which was mostly candy, I would go looking for my own money. Now, I didn't steal it, but I did find it lying on the ground. I just had to take a little time to look around my neighborhood and sure enough, I would find money lying in gutters, in vacant lots, and sometimes just sitting on the sidewalk. Of course, it wasn't coins that were lying around, it was bottles. And in Massachusetts where I grew up, bottles were recycled and you would get money when you returned them to a store. It was a great deal, all I had to do was go looking for it. Since I've lived in New Hampshire, about 22 years now, I've wondered so many times, especially when I spend hours picking up broken bottles and cans on the side of the road, why there isn't a bottle and can return law in this state. If people were getting cash for their trash, perhaps they wouldn't throw it out their car windows as they drove by, polluting our woods and streams. Maybe it's time New Hampshire had a bottle and can law. Not only would I appreciate it, but I'll bet the wildlife would be happy about it, too.

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Art Quote

" A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. "
              — Paul Cezanne

Tips for Artists

Whether you paint with oils, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, or any other medium, practicing your drawing skills is key to improving your ability as an artist. Although I never paint people, our life drawing sessions, where I’m drawing people, have been so helpful in teaching me more about seeing. And what I'm seeing and looking for are not people but shapes, shadows, and negative spaces. Everything I'm learning in the twice monthly life drawing sessions will benefit and improve my skills as a painter. So the tip for this month is to draw from life, even if it isn't a subject you would paint. Don't see the subject as the thing you know it to be, see it as shapes, shadows, and negative spaces.

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Art Quiz

This Month's Question: —

Who said: "The time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men." ?

  • A)  Leonardo DaVinci
  • B)  Michaelangelo
  • C)  Claude Monet
  • D)  Albrecht Durer
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Answer to Last Month's Question  —

Albrecht Durer - Self Portrait

The answer is:
D) Self-Portrait

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About the Artist

"My purpose in painting animals and nature is to show the beauty, the fragile condition of nature.  I see this as a challenge in my art and hope I can reach others through my art so that they, too, will come to love and appreciate the beauty on earth that is ours to cherish and protect."
— DJ Geribo

DJ Geribo gives 10% of the profits on the sales of her artwork to animal protection organizations.


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