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Art Apart — Vol. 3 / Issue 1 — * Winter 2011 *

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A new year, with new goals, and new experiences, and with these new changes, becoming a better artist, always. This is what I'm looking forward to in 2011. This is the Year of the Rabbit, 2011, and for me it is a very special year. Coming out of the Year of the Tiger, which brought a lot of emotional challenges my way, I'm looking forward to a year of less resistance, of all my energies coming together as I grow my art business and also grow my businesses that help animals; Eye Help Animals and Help Shelter Pets (still in development.) I'm looking forward to a more stable year, a strong forward-moving year, a year to finally come into my creative self, to accept my short-comings and continue to learn, grow, improve, to become the best I can possibly be. To open up, to experience more, experiment more, create more, both through paintings and also through writings. Discovering more about my passion, my purpose, my mission in life. These are many of the challenges I'm looking forward to experiencing in 2011.

Special for 2011 Year of the Rabbit - In celebration of my Chinese Year of Birth, all of my 5"x7" unframed paintings, selling for $69, will be available for $50 for the entire Year of the Rabbit - February 3, 2011 through January 22, 2012.
New Paintings
Crisp Cabbage - Painting by artist DJ Geribo
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ALL of my Art works are now available directly through my website using Pay Pal or a credit card. If there is a particular painting that you have questions about, or does not appear to be available, contact me directly. Several of my Eye Help Animals paintings are not available for sale at this time (prints are coming for the Tiger, Tiger - see my next newsletter for availability!)

Green Queen — "Work Space "

Although being a green artist can be mostly about the mediums, solvents, and papers that we use, it can also be about other things that we do to conserve and save energy. In my last newsletter I mentioned about installing skylights and windows in your studio to allow natural heat from the sun to warm your studio and ceiling fans to help cool in the warmer months. But there is a lot more you can do.

My studio is located in the space above our garage. In the winter months in NH the floors can get really cold, especially in January and February. Our plan is to add insulation to the ceiling in the garage below my studio. The walls of my studio have insulation but that doesn't seem to be enough so we are planning on cutting out the back wall and then extending the ceiling height and completing the back side of my studio (this will also better accommodate my David Sorg easel) which would eliminate the open eaves behind my side walls, at least on the back of my studio. The cold is only a concern during the really cold months of January and February but I'm convinced this would really save on our heating costs over the year.

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Art Quote

" To send light into the darkness of men's hearts — such is the duty of the artist. "
                            — Schumann

Tips for Artists

I love painting with pastels, and for quite sometime I dedicated an entire tabletop to the display of my pastels. I often thought that I could use this table to actually do some painting but since my pastels took up the entire table, there wasn't room for anything else. Then I saw in a pastel magazine where a woman mentioned that she used a tool chest, the ones you see in auto body shops, for her pastels. Great idea, I thought. And I put that on my Christmas list.

My husband, who wants me to succeed with my art and is usually very agreeable to my suggestions, bought me the two piece tool chest, on sale at Sears, for Christmas that year. I have dedicated various drawers to like colors and although they aren't right out there for me to view, I love the convenience of having them all in drawers, colors together, and when I need a particular shade I just open that drawer. And the best part, I now have that large table top back for my use.

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Art Quiz
This Month's Question: —

Which of Manet's paintings was historian Isabelle Dervaux describing concerning the reception it received when first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1874: "Visitors and critics found its subject baffling, its composition incoherent, and its execution sketchy."

  • A)  The Luncheon on the Grass
  • B)  The Cafe Concert
  • C)  Dead Matador
  • D)  The Railway
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Answer to Last Issue's Question  —

The answer is:
C) Degas
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About the Artist

"My purpose in painting animals and nature is to show the beauty, the fragile condition of nature.  I see this as a challenge in my art and hope I can reach others through my art so that they, too, will come to love and appreciate the beauty on earth that is ours to cherish and protect."
— DJ Geribo

DJ Geribo gives 10% of the profits on the sales of her artwork to animal protection organizations.