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Art Apart — Vol. 2 / Issue 2 * Spring 2010 *

Welcome to DJ Geribo's Art Apart Newsletter!

The months are flying by, as usual, and I have a lot of art events coming up in the next few months. I've been painting on 30x40 canvases (see my blog for updates) and am nearly finished with two of them. I decided to do a series of paintings based on the wildlife my husband Jim and I are saving through our business, Eye Help Animals, LLC ( I've also painted a few smaller pieces, which I always enjoy. The success of completing the smaller pieces keeps me going on the larger ones, which seem to be taking me forever! But each time I work on them I see the improvement, and I keep moving forward.

I'm excited about selling Zion Canyon: The End — this was the first piece I've sold on layaway! It worked out perfectly — the couple who bought it made regular payments and they just took it home a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping to sell other pieces this way. It is a convenient and more affordable way for people to own an original piece of art.

We had a relatively mild winter and I'm happy spring is here. I'm looking forward to getting in some plein aire painting, too. I just attended Robert Carsten's 2-day workshop at the end of April and I'll be teaching a workshop at the Kimball-Jenkins Estate School of Art in Concord, NH this summer (more on that in the next newsletter). Doing what I can to learn more about painting to become a better artist is what it is all about for me. I hope you enjoy my art and will continue to follow me on my journey. Geretis!

New Paintings

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Green Queen — "Who Is Really Green? "

Flip through any art supply catalog these days and you'll see many items for sale that state in bold green letters that they are, in fact, green (meaning, environmentally safer) than their predecessors. So many companies are talking about being green that it makes you wonder if they truly are green or if they are just jumping on the ecologically —friendly bandwagon.

But what does it mean to be green? For some companies, like Dick Blick, it means using only 10% of the energy required to heat and cool their Illinois facility, passing savings onto their customers. For the artist, besides taking the same steps to heat and cool their home studio, they are able to purchase artist papers that are made using hydropower and recycled papers. It isn't just the product that the environmentally conscious artist is looking for, it's in the process used to produce the product, as well.

Like any changes we make in our lives, it takes some time to figure out what is best and what works for us, but once we have it down (for example, think about how long it took to figure out which products to buy that have the least fat and calories per serving, and once you figured that out, you could just grab your product off the shelf) it becomes second nature. The planet will thank you for taking the time.

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Art Quote

" What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. "
              — Eugene Delacroix

Tips for Artists

An excellent exercise for practicing tones and values is to use only one color. Choose a paper color that will provide a strong contrast with the pigment color you choose, for example, if using a pastel stick, use a light colored paper with a dark pastel. Vary your values by applying more or less pressure depending on the intensity of color you want. Use the light colored paper for highlights.

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Art Quiz

This Month's Question: —

Piers Paul Rubens painted a Baroque Masterpiece that depicted nude figures who were raised to heaven or forever damned to hell. What is the name of that painting?

  • A)  Heaven and Hell
  • B)  Fall of the Villagers
  • C)  Fall of the Damned
  • D)  The Good Shall Be Saved
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Answer to Last Month's Question  —

Whistler's Signature Samples

The answer is:
D) a Butterfly

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About the Artist

"My purpose in painting animals and nature is to show the beauty, the fragile condition of nature.  I see this as a challenge in my art and hope I can reach others through my art so that they, too, will come to love and appreciate the beauty on earth that is ours to cherish and protect."
— DJ Geribo

DJ Geribo gives 10% of the profits on the sales of her artwork to animal protection organizations.