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Art Apart — Vol. 2 / Issue 4 — * Fall 2010 *

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Now Showing!

Crazylake Gallery in Greenfield, Indiana.
Three of my paintings were juried into the "Small Packages" show at the gallery.
Show Dates: November 19 - January 8, 2011.

DJ Geribo's artwork on display at Crazy Lake Gallery Show in Indiana
(bottom row, second from left: Fall Palette by DJ Geribo)

These past few months have been tough. Besides doing everything we can to bring our Kameko back to good health, I've had my own share of accidents. About a month after we brought Meko to the hospital, while out on a motorcycle ride with friends we stopped to take a walk through woods to look for the Cascade waterfall in Waterville Valley, NH. The waterfall was too far away and the walk was taking too long (we had to get home to give Meko more medication) so we started walking back. Along the way I found lots of pictures that I wanted to take and Jim was getting farther and farther away from me so I started running to catch up to him when suddenly, I stepped on a stick that was on a rock sticking up from the ground and I twisted my ankle. The sprain caused me to slow down and take care of myself, icing my ankle and resting as much as possible.

And then about 3 weeks after that, I was eating ice cream with chocolate chips in it when I suddenly felt something sharp in my mouth - a piece of my tooth broke off. Now I needed a crown for my tooth. Several weeks ago, one morning upon awakening, a message came to me: Stop beating yourself up. I felt so responsible for what my little Kameko had to go through that I'm sure I brought these injuries on myself (call it the negative Law of Attraction at work! It works both ways!) But I got the message, and now I'm moving forward, on the positive track! Meko is improving, and my ankle, although still swollen, feels much better and I can do my daily walks and almost everything else, just cautiously. I have an appointment with my dentist the end of November. Moving forward! Things are looking up!

Kameko Update The news is all good - her pcv blood count is finally in the normal range, up to 44 as of the first of November! If you remember from my last newsletter, normal range for dogs is 40-55. Also, her complete blood count report (which we have done about every 3 weeks) came back with everything normal. We are so happy about this and over the last couple of months have been cutting back on her medications. We have the Internist and techs at CAVES in Concord, NH to thank for saving our Meko's life!

New Paintings
See ALL of my Art works that are available for purchase at Polaris Art. (NOTE: I am transitioning my artwork sales to my own website via PayPal's checkout process. If you see a piece of art that you want to purchase, and there is no 'Buy Now' link, please contact me directly and I will help you!)

Green Queen — "Natural Heat, Natural Cool "

I love my studio, which is located above our garage. This is where I go when I paint, and also when I write, read, and just want to be alone. I have created a space that has everything that is important to me, that has meaning, and that I want to have around me. My husband has made my space warm in winter by installing a heater and a kerosene tank in our garage below my studio. Of course, I need the kerosene in the winter but throughout the spring and fall I try to use heat from the sun to warm my studio. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone building their own studio space to put skylights in and plenty of windows to let in natural light and heat. Although the summer months can sometimes be very hot and the skylights let in too much heat, here in the Northeast where summer is a short season, it really doesn't pose too much of a problem. I do have an air conditioner but I mostly open my windows and put on my ceiling fans. And you can cover the skylights to block the sun in the summer months, also. So, saving on energy by using the sun for heat and the outdoor breeze to cool is a very easy green thing to do!

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" I don't think people are born artists; I think it comes from a mixture of your surroundings, the people you meet, and luck. "
                      — Francis Bacon

Tips for Artists

Acrylics are quickly becoming my favorite medium. They are like watercolors in that you just have to wait a minute and they dry so you can continue painting. You can actually paint an entire painting at one sitting, unlike oils that need time, days, to dry before you can continue painting them. A good tip I learned about acrylics is that they are great to use for an underpainting with pastels. Since pastel sticks are pretty expensive and you can go through them in no time if you are working on a large painting with a rough surface background, an acrylic underpainting is a good way to fill in a background before using your pastels. Once you have the colored background in, you can use the pastels to add your details.

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Art Quiz

This Month's Question: —

Of whom was Renoir speaking when he said: "What a creature he was! All his friends had to leave him; I was one of the last to go, but even I couldn't stay till the end"?

  • A)  Manet
  • B)  Cezanne
  • C)  Degas
  • D)  Gauguin
Answer in my next Art Apart Newsletter!

Answer to Last Month's Question  —

Fall of the Damned by Piers Paul Rubens

The answer is:
B) Law

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The Red Room by Henry Matisse

About the Artist

"My purpose in painting animals and nature is to show the beauty, the fragile condition of nature.  I see this as a challenge in my art and hope I can reach others through my art so that they, too, will come to love and appreciate the beauty on earth that is ours to cherish and protect."
— DJ Geribo

DJ Geribo gives 10% of the profits on the sales of her artwork to animal protection organizations.