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The Twits

Another free book from our swap shop, I'm always thrilled when I see an author's name that I recognize, particularly one as well-known as Roald Dahl.

As I started reading this little gem, I had to laugh. Full of life's lessons and words of wisdom, sometimes it is so obvious that although it is a book for kids, and I'm sure they would enjoy the book, it is also a book for adults. It reminds me of many of the animation movies that Jim and I enjoy so much. There are so many references that only an adult would get. But it is also an enjoyable movie for kids.

Mr. and Mrs. Twit are mean beyond compare. Not only are they mean to each other but they are also mean to their four caged monkeys, the birds in the trees, and also to four small boys that they threaten to bake in a pie (which is what they do to the unsuspecting birds who roost in nearby trees.)

But it is a happy ending, ala Roald Dahl style, where the monkeys and the birds have their revenge on the horrible Twits when their world is, literally, turned upside down.

I rate "The Twits" 5 out of 5 stars.


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