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A Different Perspective

I've been working on a couple of paintings that, although the size is nothing unusual for me, a 4"x4" square gallery-wrapped canvas, the way I'm painting on them is different. I was looking at the canvas and I turned it from a square shape to a diamond shape and I started painting on it. First I checked with Jim, who usually wires my canvases for me, and asked if this would be a problem wiring. He said 'no' and I was off and painting.

So far I have just two that I'm painting using florals as the theme. This one of pansies is pretty much completed. The second one I'm painting is of tulips. So of course I started looking through my floral photos and found several that would work with this different angle. I'm also painting them in oils which is not my usual first choice; that would be fast-drying acrylics.

I'm having fun with this new 'angle'. As soon as they are dry I will varnish and bring them to the LRAA Gallery. It will be interesting to see how many other artists begin painting 'angled' canvases.


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