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This is where I will discuss my current art projects. I can only hope that they will all be completed 'paint-stakingly'.

Artist DJ Geribo shares painting techniques, tools, and tidbits useful for artists.

Here you will find everything to do with writing, whether it is my writing or what I'm learning from reading books on writing.  Reading, vocabulary, and grammar are the tools of the trade. The very best people to learn from are the ones who are seasoned writers who teach writing. You would be wise to enlist them as your mentors, as I have.

I remember a joke from my childhood that says, "What's black and white and red all over?" The key to the answer was that the word 'red' was really supposed to be 'read' and the answer was: a newspaper. I thought that would make a good title for a blog section about what I'm reading.

I'm a big reader - always have been. I Love Books - can't have too many books. It is a serious addiction, but a healthy one, I think. So, it makes perfect sense for me to share what I have read here.

I read a wide variety of books so I will identify the books by the following: C (Children), JFic (pre- and early teen), YA (Young Adult), A (Adult)

My ratings are as follows: 5 Star - Excellent; 4 Star - Very Good; 3 Star - Just OK; 2 Star - So-So; 1 Star - Don't Waste Your Time

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From My Gallery

My Books

Mouse Bound is now available for purchase!

A sweet book with lots of illustrations throughout, the softcover book will delight young and old alike. A story like nothing you've ever read, "Mouse Bound" is based on an experience that DJ has had many times with the mice that "visit" her studio.

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Upcoming Events

New LRAA Gallery Opens

The Lakes Region Art Association now has a gallery space to show and sell their members' artwork.

Grand Opening for the gallery:
Saturday November 7th from Noon to 8pm and Sunday November 8 from Noon to 6pm.

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